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I know how busy we get with work and family it’s not easy to set time aside to write a blog article. Not only does it take the peace and focus to get into your head space (ask any writer about that!), but you need a topic, yes?

Before we go there, let’s go here.

Firstly, what purpose is the blog fulfilling. If you answer yes to any of these then you should consider writing a blog:

  • I know a lot about my industry and I have helpful tips and information I can share.
  • I want to keep my website content fresh and appealing.
  • I have regular events at my business that I would like to post about.
  • I have an idea for a topic that has a large following.

There are more reasons why people write a blog, but before you call up your web designer and ask them to build you a blog, it helps if you know what your goals are with using one.

Finding a topic

I think we all have our moments when we feel motivated to do something and then those when we feel the opposite. I suggest taking those moments when you are most enthusiastic about blogging and start to brainstorm topics. Be realistic and plan out how often you want to write a blog, every two weeks, once a month. Then narrow down your choices to 12 topics (if it’s once a month) and plan them out for the next year. You can always swap them around or add topics along the way, this helps create an outline and set a goal for achieving the results you want to see.

Again, when the creative juices are flowing take those 12 topics and start creating an outline for each one in the order of when you will be posting. Outlining the sub-topics within you article and possibly outlining some good spots for photos. If you are able to take your own photos, great! If not, there are quite a few affordable stock photography websites to find photos to support your topic.

If you are comfortable with writing your own content, you can get the ball rolling with your first article. If not, there are lots of freelance writers who would be happy to take your outline and put it together into a professionally written article. Ask your friends, family, colleagues if they know anyone that is a copywriter or check your local classifieds for postings from writers looking for work. If you are a busy person and you have a good relationship with a writer, then you can hand your new writer your list of topics/outlines and they can be crafted for you to post regularly. Bingo!

More positive points to note

Writing a blog has a whole host of benefits worth mentioning.

  • My favourite: Search engines love to crawl fresh information on your website, so you are potentially boosting your search engine ranking.
  • Also, you have these wonderful articles that belong to you so you can post them on other social media applications to keep up with those social circles.
  • You are positioning yourself as an expert in your field, which is good for your business and personal growth.
  • The most exciting… your information is out on the world wide web which means it can be read by anyone. You never know who you might connect with.

My goal here was to share with you the strategy I came up with to improve my blog posting in hopes of sparking some ideas for your own journey!