Consultation & Discovery

This takes about an hour, and is a critical part of the process as we seek to gather as much knowledge about your business as possible. By understanding your goals, we come up with some creative ideas to help you reach them.


Based on our consultation we outline all of the technical requirements, timelines and costs involved in pursuing your goal. No charges are incurred until you sign and approve the outlined tasks in this document.

Material Gathering

We email a list of items needed for building your website, including copy, images and technical items.

Website Site Map & Content Architecture

Based on the materials, we organize your content into a structure. This is sent for your approval before we continue.


If we are designing a logo for you, we will do that first. Upon logo approval we propose two website design mock-ups to give you an idea of what the end user will see. Once agreed upon, we begin transforming the image into a functioning website.


Programming the website takes up to 3 weeks. Once the first draft of the review website is online and tested, we pass along the review link for you.

Review and Changes

Over the next week, we determine any last changes before launching the website. We test the website for all major browsers and other devices outlined in your requirements. You can take this time to review the site and submit any changes you like before launch.


Your website files are put in position and your domain name is pointed to the files. Congratulations! You have a new website.

- ongoing -


The fear of errors or missing information can make launching a website a stressful time. That’s why we offer one month (from your launch date) of free support and text changes. We also fix any bugs or errors with our programming on an ongoing basis.


We want to launch your website as quickly as possible so Google may begin its to spidering process, which may take a couple of months.

To monitor your website’s performance we set you up with Google Analytics, which generates regular, highly detailed reporting. This tool will tell you how many people are viewing your site by day or month, their geographical location, what platform they use to view your website, what pages are most popular, and how long they spend on average viewing your website. This is valuable information in determining if your website is achieving your goals.


Updating your website with news, announcements, promotions or new strategies is an ongoing important process to keep your website content fresh and search engine friendly. Changes or additions needed may also be determined by your analytics report.